Insurance Service


Insurance Tips:

1.Always buy Travel Insurance as it’s a quick and inexpensive way to protect your family so you can enjoy your travels worry-free.
2.Take always adequate insurance coverage depending upon your destination, health conditions,Weather conditions and medical care costs of visiting country.
3.Your policy should cover the complete travel duration while you are away.
4.Always read Policy Terms and Conditions carefully.
5.Make sure you carry Original Insurance policy kit during travel.
6.Always keep claim assistance numbers handy by saving it on your mobile .
7.Declare and submit medical reports as or if asked by insurance company for smooth claim settlement.
8.Make use of special services like Travel Assistance and TrawellTag .
9.Always make use of your TrawellTag to find lost luggage by activating online on


What is Overseas Travel Insurance? What is TrawellTag Assist Policy?
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What is Repatriation?
What is Personal Liability?
What is Trip Cancellation and Trip Curtailment?
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What is Bounced Hotel Booking?
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What if I am frequently travelling abroad?
What is the age limit and criteria of purchasing Policy?
Is there any special policy for Kailash manasarovar?
What if I have some illness or disease, will that also be covered under travel insurance?
What if I want to cancel my policy ?
What is provided after my purchasing insurance?