1. Certificate
2. Post-Secondary/Diploma
3. Advanced Diploma
4. Post Graduate Certificate
5. Master


1. University
2. Private Colleges
1. Government Colleges (polytechnics)


While Studies
20 hr/week during semester & full time after during vacations.
After Studies
2 years Open Work Permit option.


General Requirements: (Doc list and samples will be given to you when you start your application)

• Academic documents.
• Work Experience is required for some courses
• Statement of purpose for some courses
• Letter of recommendation.


Approx. pay First Semester fees+ health Insurance. It may differ from college to college

Funds To Show:

• Tuition Fees: _________* 1 (No of course year) AU$
• Living Expense Main Applicant: AU$ 18000 P.A.
• Tavel Expanses Main Applicant: AU$ 2000
• Living Cost Spouse: AU$ 6515 P.A.
• Travel Expense Spouse: AU$ 2000
• Living Cost 1st Child: AU$ 3600 AU$ P.A.
• Living Cost 2nd Child: AU$ 2400 AU$ P.A.
• Travel Expense of every Child below 18 yrs: AU$ 1000
• School Expense of child: AU$ 8000 PA (For kids above 3 years)
• Living Cost 2nd Child: AU$ 2400 AU$ P.A.

Fund Accepted

1. Educational Bank Loan(Nationalize Banks)
2. Bank Saving Account
3. Postal Savings: MIS, NSC, Time Deposit, Term Deposit, PPF, & Savings Account
4. Fixed Deposits
5. PF (only Parents)
6. 22% Income proof has to be shown behind funds.

Acceptable Sponsors:

Self, Parents, Grand Parents, Relatives and Family Friends (Max 20% of Total Funds to Show).


1. IELTS Preparation (1-2MONTHS) Optional
2. Preparation of Admission Documents
3. Applying in University/College
4. Get Unconditional/Conditional offer letter
5. Fulfill other requirements if any and pay initial fees due as per offer letter.
6. Preparation funds documents
7. Preparation of visa File
8. Lodging Visa File
9. E-Visa